Zambezi Waterfront

Zambezi Waterfront

The Zambezi Waterfront is situated on the Northern banks of the Zambezi River, approximately 4 km upstream from The Victoria Falls. The Zambezi waterfront caters for  travellers with camping and chalet accommodation.

This establishment is designed to attract the younger more adventurous traveller who wishes to experience the Great Zambezi River, the wonder of the Victoria Falls and its stunning surrounds, without great expense.

The complex boasts a well-serviced campsite set in cool, shady surroundings and caters for the overlanding, backpacking and self-drive market. The Zambezi Waterfront also has 16 standard twin chalets, six of which overlook the river. There are also three executive rooms and four family rooms.

There is a central dining complex with stunning views both up and down river. A raised wooden deck stretches out over the river with a unique plunge pool, an open bar and restaurant area, a reception area and a shop.

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